At present AlImaan Charitable Trust provides grocery worth to 28000 families during the holy month of Ramazaan. It is now proposed to increase the items in the list of provisions and the number of families to 40,000.

Apart, from the new proposal of the Ramazaan Provision Scheme, it has been decided to extend this scheme beyond this holy month. Monthly assistance to 500 families for general provision would cost US$ I 00,000 at US$ 200 per family per year.

Items in the grocery -
Wheat 5 Kgs.
Rice 5 Kgs.
Sugar 1 Kg.
Salt 1 Kgs.
Pulses 3 Kgs.
Cooking Oil 1 Kg.
Veg. Cooking Medium 1 Kg.
plus spices, tea and other preparatories.


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