The act of Charity. The deed of benefaction. Appreciated by one and all. The act of charity begins from home. A home that is more than just four walls and a roof. Thousands of families in India live in conditions better not described. In cities, congested pigeon-hole like tenements in the slums, not more than 150 square feet, without ventilation, accommodate on an average 8-10 members of a family. Obviously without toilets. Where there is no distinction between the kitchen-sink and the bath. Where drawing and bedrooms have got no meaning. In the villages, the mud houses, constructed years ago, their walls, after braving scorching summers and lashing monsoons, face the grim prospect of collapsing any time.

Making these homes from where charity can begin is a difficult task. Nevertheless 245 houses (USD 1500 each) in 8 colonies have been built. Housing aid to 172 families (USD 700 each) and partial aid to 550 families (USD 250 each).

Building housing complexes for needy families.

Providing a decent shelter to the momineen living in shanties in the slums of Mumbai by converting them into Pucca Tenenments of single storey or two storeys as the need be.

Providing houses to momineen in other parts of the country.

No. of cases :-

2006 – 2007





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