(Permission) to collect khums Imaan Foundation from Ayatullah Ul Uzama
Aqae Sayyed Ali Al Husaini Al Seestani (Dama Zillahul Aali)

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
Alhumdolillahe Rabbil A'alameen  Was Salato Was SalamoAla Khire Khalqehi Mohammed Wa Aalehit Tayyebinat Taherin Wa Baad.

Moameneen, may Allah bless you. lt is not hidden that Trustees of Imaan Foundation, in the -city of Bombay, India are authorised to collect Sehm-e-Imam (Arwahona Fidah) and other Shariat dues and spend half for its activities and remaining half be delivered to our Vakil Umdatul Akhyaar Aqae Mohib Ali Roshan Ali Nasser Dama Majdah, so that he may keep the same in our account and obtain the receipt of the same to deliver it to the payees.

I advice all to have the path of piety and caution because this is the way of salvation

Wassalammo Alaihim Wa Ala Jami-el-Akhwanenal MoameneenWaRahmatullaheWa Barkatoh.

(Seal)  - 22, Shaban - 1415 Hijri

Aqae Ali AI-Husaini Seestani


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