Next time you drink water remember to take the name of Allah before drinking, Drink it in three parts, Sit while you drink at night time, thank Allah for this blessing and invoke the wrath of Allah on those who denied its access to the martyrs of Kerbala. And while you use water for purifying, remember to use as little of it as possible and shut its source when not in use.

LIFE without water is impossible. Agriculture and industry cannot survive without it. The human being cannot live without it. While millions of gallons are used by the former, the latter needs atleast 50 litres of it daily Now, can one imagine life without it? Or access to it? Difficult though, but harsh ground realities discard the need for imagination.

THOUSANDS of villages in India are deprived of this basic element of life, simply called H2O. Serpentine queues at community taps are a common sight in the metros. Tankers arrive at odd hours where men, women and chlidren vie for a bucket of water, leading to un-Islamic situations. WHILE in villages, women, specially young girls, fetch water. Irrespective of the time of the day, the day of the year. In earthen pots, from wells that  are, in most cases. much out of the way WAFA has embarked upon the necessary programme to improve the situation and bring home this Blessing of the Lord.

By arranging for 35 borewells (with electric motors or hand pumps), 7 water coolers to mosques, educational institutions and aid for 127 water connections since inception last year. It plans to dig 50 borewelis (US$ 1500 each), install 100 hand pumps (US$ 350 each) and 100 water coolers (US$ 600 each), not to mention 500 cases of general aid (US$ 200 each) for water connections. Thus making living a bit more convenient.

WAFA - Water Aid Foundation of Asia - One more thing to remember, next time you use water

Providing Borewells and Handpumps in areas facing scarcity of water. Providing water connections to families Living in slums so that their laides do not have to go to public taps for their water requirements.

No. of cases :-

2006 – 2007




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