Why Alimaan/ Imaan?

Imaan Foundation was established in 1981 by Hujjatul Islam Syed Mohammed Musawi at the instance of Marhum Ayatullah Al Uzma Syed Abul Qasim Al Khoei with Marhum Haji Roshanali Haji Dawood Nasser as the Founder President. The current Sarparast is Ayatullah Al Uzma Syed Ali Al Husseini As-Seestani.

Alimaan Charitable Trust came into existence in 1987 followed by Education Promotion Trust, Orphan Welfare Trust, Water Aid Foundation, etc. to streamline the activities. The head office of all the Trusts is an independent 5 storey building known as 'Najafi House', situated at 159, Nishanpara Road, Off Hazrat Imam Hussein (A.S.) Square, Dongri, Mumbai 400009.

Area of operation
Our Trusts operate all over India and can safely claim to be the only Charity in India to do so, having the largest network that any Trust or Federation of our community has in the world. There are many charities in India doing good work, but restricted to their local area of operation. This leaves our brethren in rural India, who constitute 70% of the poor spread over 19 States (provinces), 160 Districts and over 1000 towns and villages, depending mainly on our Trusts for their welfare.

Our Trusts have at least one representative in each of the 160 Districts spread over 19 states (provinces) covering more than 1000 cities, towns & villages, where our aid reaches, thereby benefiting our brethren in the remotest parts of India. We employ over 200 persons all over India, 50 of them based at the Head Office itself.

Management Systems

  • Professionally managed
  • Each application requires certification by the District/Area Representative, before it is taken up for processing.
  • Stringent controls and procedures for sanctions.
  • In-built systems to avoid duplication.
  • As a result of the above controls and systems, in case of recoverable aids like business loans and scholarship loans the recovery rate is 99 %.

Sanction Procedure

  • The beneficiary applies to our Trusts, popularly referred to as 'Najafi House' all over India. This application is forwarded to the concerned department & the relevant Aid Form is sent to the beneficiary.
  • Once the completed Form is received it is scrutinised by the concerned department, and forwarded with remarks to the designated Sub Committee for approval. The following criteria are applied for scrutiny :
  • Form should be complete in all respects
  • Form should bear the Seal and Signature of the District/Area representative.
  • Form should enclose the relevant documents, (in case of Widow Aid),  i.e. Death Certificate/Ration Card / Copy of Bank Pass Book Medical Reports / Hospital Bills (in case of Medical Aid), Fee Receipt / Report Card (in case of Education Aid), etc.
  • The Sub Committee takes a decision as per the criteria fixed by the Board of Trustees.
  • All aid (excluding onetime payments) are sanctioned for a period of one to two years at a time and are renewable thereafter, following the same procedure. Approved cases are given a Departmental Ledger Folio No. which is the control point for disbursements and avoiding duplication.
  • A Crossed A/c Payee Cheque / Bank Drafts is issued in favour of, and mailed directly to the beneficiary, without the involvement of any intermediary. In the case of medical aid & educational fees the cheque / draft is mostly sent directly to the concerned Institutions.

All projects are executed at the express instructions of our benefactors out of the funds specifically provided by them for the purpose.

Khums is also accepted  from International donors, institutions and individuals as the foundation has Ijaza from Maraj’e.

The Trust runs in a transparent manner and proper accounting practices and internal control systems are followed.

Decisions on sanctions and disbursements are taken by the board of Trustees at a weekly meeting held religiously every friday. The trustees are honorary persons from different fields such as business, legal and financial professions etc. with no vested interests.

The Foundation has the necessary permission under the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act to receive donations from abroad.

The Foundation as  registered charity is obliged to submit annual audited reports to various governmental

On an Average Every Month all over India

On an Average Every Year all over India

Patients are treated. 17875 Families are provided ration in Mahe Ramadhan. 28,000
Children study in schools run or aided by Alimaan. 4400 Children provided with new clothes on Eid. 4500
Students receive scholarship for basic education. 4800 Blankets and Quilts are distributed in winter. 3000
Students studying in 58 Hauzate Ilmiya receive Aid. 2850 Momineen receive general aid. 3000
Poor widows and their families are provided aid. 2400 Girls are provided aid for marriage. 500
Teachers of Quran and Deeniyat receive aid. 610 Hijabs are distributed. 300
Ulemas receive aid. 600 Houses are constructed or Housing Aid provided. 124
Teachers teaching in 58 Hauzate Ilmiya receive aid. 420 Life Saver cases sponsored. 135
Orphans are cared for in orphanages run or aided by us. 620 Cataract operations are done. 100
Students study in Hauzate Ilmiya run or supported by us. 320 Students are supported for Higher Education. 90
    Borewells, Handpumps, Water Connections provided. 65
    Mosques, Husainiyas, Madresas Orphanages, Hospital & Dispensaries Constructed, renovated or repaired. 30
    Families are given business loans. 36

*    Apart from this the foundation provides substantial aid each when needed to the victim of natural calamities like earthquake, floods etc.